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The Citizens Foundation is a non-profit based in Reykjavik, Iceland. The mission of the Citizens Foundation is to bring people together to debate and prioritize innovative ideas to improve their communities. Since 2008, the Citizens Foundation has used Your Priorities to promote online, democratic debate in Iceland and worldwide.Your Priorities provides a website for every country in the world, free of charge. Groups, cities, or countries can also use this service to improve their communities.

Your Priorities

Your Priorities allows people to:

  • submit ideas to improve their communities
  • vote to support or oppose ideas
  • debate ideas to strengthen them


The site then generates a list of priorities with the most supported ideas, and these priorities can be used to improve communities.


Better Reykjavik is the most successful example of a Your Priorities website. The website enables citizens to voice, debate and prioritize ideas to improve their city. The website is actively used by residents of Reykjavik, Iceland, creating open discourse between community members and city council.

Better Reykjavik launched after Iceland’s economic collapse in 2008, and played a vital role in the city’s municipal elections in 2010. During these elections, 10% of Reykjavik voters voiced ideas on the site, 43% of voters viewed the site, and over 1,000 priorities were created.

There is now an open collaboration between the city council and the Citizens Foundation. Over fifty Better Reykjavik priorities are being processed by Reykjavik’s city council, and the site’s top priorities are voted upon at council meetings every month.

The Citizens Foundation was awarded for their efforts with Better Reykjavik in 2011, winning the European e-Democracy Awards.