Better Reykjavík

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Better Reykjavik became a major success during local elections in Iceland where almost 10% of the voters took part, 43% visited and hundreds of ideas were created.

Better Reykjavík 2010

  • Betri Reykjavík opened a week before the municipial elections in Reykjavik, independently of the political parties
  • All campaigns received their own area on the website, the Best party used it extensively in their campaign and won the elections
  • It was used in the majority talks to call out for voters ideas
  • Betri Reykjavik (Better Reykjavik) was a major success during elections in Iceland where almost 10% of the voters created over a 1000 priorities and 43% visited the website.
  • Over 5000 user, hundreds of ideas and much activity from citizens

Better Reykjavík 2011

  • A new visual design and better interface in collaboration with the city of Reykjavik
  • Connection with the Reykjavik administration, top ideas are processed by the administration
  • Simple and convenient translation for all language. Now available in English, French, Icelandic and German
  • Google Translation available for content
  • Connects the citizens to the rulers and gives the voters a direct influence on decisionmaking

Better Reykjavík future

  • Not a trial project but here to stay
  • Direct electronic connection to the city administration
  • Electronic surveys and elections for the city, quarters and even specific streets
  • Direct influence of the citizens will be a matter of protocol
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